Nozick Designs steel furniture paintings and countertops by Alex Nozick and Josh Nozick
Planet #2Planet #1"Portal to Future Past"burka bombBOYCOTT Nestle"WAR is the Enemy"YesterdaySavedFly HC - 130BEYOND the DUNESBeyond Reach---???Y-axisplan-Rplan -R 
closeup #1.plan - R
closeup #2.tranquility pasttranquility past
closeup #1."I gave you life"base campbase camp
closeup is on the waymilkshake bombsarchways vessels and urnsarchways vessels and urns
closeup #1.archways vessels and urns
closeup #2.infinite infinityspace magnettakeoffSzilard"sweet mango juice"candy
wingless triumphwingless triumph
closeup #1."set me free"updown

SOLDroad TTFdelicate balancezeppelin landing in Amsterdam at sunrisezeppelin landing in Amsterdam at sunrise
closeup #1.M-theorysilodesert prayeraqueduct-stage 3arch atop archflood plainPipapal women"I will be King""SHE LEADS"understandingGeorgewoman #3.woman #1.woman #2.ancient wisdomsheBig Eyegentle mightshe liveselephant soldierThree Cool Chicks"dance for me"Operation Plumbat
paintings and constructions