Nozick Designs steel furniture paintings and countertops by Alex Nozick and Josh Nozick
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SOLDclam chairbarberlord baltimore5 pipe stool 

SOLD5 pipe stool

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The chairs and stools are made to fit the human form. Besides testing our work on friendly human specimens, we use the mathematics of nature. No one expects metal furniture to be comfortable, yet the furniture seen here IS..... Applied math works!
As you may, however, guess, we do take custom orders. These usually involve either height (the stools/side tables), or quantity. We will NOT duplicate any artwork, for each must remain unique. We will create a series based on style, color etc.... Do you need a very large boardroom table? No problem. Need a set of stools for your bar? No problem. Need a set of dining room chairs? Done!...Ask, and if your request is in the realm of the possible, then we may be the artists for you.
For queries, please call or email. We don't bite.

Alex - cell - 1.919.260.4125.

Josh - at Freestate Timbers - 1.410.561.9444.

email -