Nozick Designs steel furniture paintings and countertops by Alex Nozick and Josh Nozick
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Simply elegant---the work stands on its own. We love it and hope that you will too.

Our passion was developed at an early age in the halls of the great museums of Europe where we grew up. The design elements stem from the architecture of Amsterdam; the deeper elements and colors arise from years spent in Israel, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria, as well as some forays to Cyprus and France.

"Clean", "ergonomic", "elegant", "amazing", and "surprisingly comfortable" are some of the comments made about the metal furniture. Our basic philosophy is that the work must be comfortable and elegant, that the work should have no excess, i.e., that every part must have a function--nothing more, nothing less. Please enjoy the images. If you have any questions, requests or orders, please feel free to contact us via email or directly by phone.

-Alex and Josh-

contact- Alex-1.919.260.4125.
contact- Josh-1.410.561.9444.

The chair and table art is made from recycled reclaimed steel and painted with enamel and protected with a sealant. Again enjoy the steel furniture the paintings and the countertops alex nozick josh nozick

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