Nozick Designs steel furniture paintings and countertops by Alex Nozick and Josh Nozick
plan -R
closeup #1.
One helicopter has been removed. Originally there were three. It was sometime between
11 P.M. on the 6th of June 1982 and 1 A.M. on the 7th. Three helicopters sitting on three small pads on a northern beach, rotors spinning. A cadre of specialized men awaited the order. What it would be, no one knew. Where we were going, where we were to land, and what we should expect, no one knew. From the radio tent hastily set atop the dunes the word was handed down. I sat across from a window that looked out at the shoreline. As we flew north I could see lights, then none, then more lights. Soon fire, explosions and tracers replaced the darkness and intermittent lights. As it grew dark again we turned and landed. Two helicopters would soon follow but they would face ground to air rockets. We had no idea where we were. This was the beginning of my second foray into what is known as Lebanon. A beautiful country that is sometimes as close as one gets to hell. This is a true story. Plan - R
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