Nozick Designs steel furniture paintings and countertops by Alex Nozick and Josh Nozick
The other brother - Alex. Staring down an unruly laptop.
Since birth, creativity has taken the driver's seat in this man's life. The images seen here are a cocktail of a European upbringing and a Middle Eastern finishing school ending in his voluntary entrapment in and around the Beirut area during the height of the 1982 war in Lebanon. Color, architecture, lifestyle, events and more were the microcosms within the greater context of the Eastern Mediterranean. The breadth of the work has not and never will completely express or encapsulate the entirety and complexity of the experiences to which Alex was privy. Each piece he creates is an outgrowth of his psychological metamorphosis. End of story. No more of the esoteric B.S. we promised to guard you from. Enjoy.

Alex cell- 1.919.260.4125.

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